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Install packages

The installPackages action can install or update Node or PHP dependencies in the target directory.


Call the installPackages options in the handler function:

export default definePreset({
  // ...
  handler: async () => {
    await installPackages({
      for: 'node',
      packages: ['@preset/core'],
      dev: true,



Defines the packages to install. This can be anything that would be passed as an argument to the package manager. For instance, vue@next, @vueuse/core or inertiajs/inertia-laravel.


Defines whether or not the packages to install are development dependencies. Defaults to false.


Defines the ecosystem to install packages for. The only two options are php and node, the latter being the default.


Defines whether to install or update. In either case, packages can be empty. The behavior depends on the package manager.


Defines the package manager that can be used.

This option is only used for Node, for which npm, yarn and pnpm are available. If not specified, the package manager will be determined, by the lockfile in the target directory or the the defaultNodeAgent property of ~/.presetrc.json, if specified. Otherwise, npm will be used.


Defines additional arguments that will be given to the package manager.


Install a specific version of innocenzi/laravel-vite

await installPackages({
  for: 'php',
  packages: 'innocenzi/laravel-vite:^0.1.20',

Install debug as a development dependency

await installPackages({
  for: 'node',
  packages: 'debug',
  dev: true

Update PHP dependencies

await installPackages({
  for: 'php',
  type: 'update'


interface InstallPackagesOptions {
	packages?: string | string[]
	dev?: boolean
	for?: 'node' | 'php'
	type?: 'install' | 'update'
	packageManager?: NodePackageManager
	additionalArgs?: string[]
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