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Actions are functions available in preset files. They are a layer of abstraction for diverse kind of manipulations, such as copies, editions, deletions, package installations, and more.

They are the key concept of Preset: easy to use, powerful enough to make almost any kind of preset.


Actions are globally avaiable in a preset file. Typings are provided by default if you used preset init, so you can benefit from IDE autocompletion. Every action is a single asynchronous function call with a single object parameter. Every object parameter accepts a title property that changes the text displayed in the console for the corresponding action when applying the preset.

Available actions

The following actions are implemented.

Extract templatesExtracts file from the preset's template directory
Install packagesInstalls Node or PHP packages
Execute commandExecutes shell commands in the target directory
Edit filesPerforms file manipulations on the selected files
Rename pathsRenames files or directories
Delete pathsDeletes files or directories
Apply nested presetsApplies another preset
GroupGroups multiple actions together
Prompt (experimental)Asks for user input