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Presets can be hosted on your local machine or on GitHub. You can also have a mono-repository containing multiple presets and provide a --path argument when applying one.


You can apply a preset by using its GitHub URL or shorthand.

# Shorthand
preset apply your-organization/your-cool-preset

# Full URL (with SSH)
preset apply [email protected]:your-organization/your-cool-preset

# Full URL (without SSH)
preset apply

Community organizations

Organization using the <community>-presets convention can use a shorter, easier-to-remember syntax:

preset apply community:repository

For instance, you can apply the laravel-presets/inertia preset using preset apply laravel:inertia.


If you prefer organizing your presets within a single mono-repository, you can specify a path to the preset's subdirectory with the --path option.

For instance, imagine the following structure:

├── preset1/
└── category/
    ├── preset2/
    └── preset3/

You can apply a preset in a specific directory using the following commands:

# Install /preset1
preset apply your-username/repository --path preset1

# Install /category/preset1
preset apply your-username/repository --path category/preset2

Private repositories

You can use private repositories if you configured your SSH key. You will need to use the --ssh flag.

preset apply your-username/private-repository