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Preset file


In a Preset project, you must have at least what is called a "preset file". This is simply a specific script that describes the steps the preset applies on a project.

export default definePreset({
  name: 'my-preset',
  options: {
    // ...
  handler: async () => {
    // ...

Changing the preset file's location

Preset files named preset.ts at the root or in the src directory of a project will be detected automatically. If you wish to place the file elsewhere, you can use the preset key in package.json:

  "name": "my-preset",
  "preset": "config/preset.ts",
  // ...


Even though the preset file is a regular script, it is used in a way that makes external imports unavailable. For instance, you can't install execa and use it directly.

This is by design: to improve performances, Preset do not install dependencies. The preset file is compiled through esbuild and its default export is retrieved.

Local file imports and Node's built-in modules are still available.